Monday, September 22, 2008

Closet overhaul: Before and after

Pictures can speak a thousand words...

Closet, before

Izzy among the mess

Closet, after

View of left side, after

View of right side, after

View of shoes, after (organized by color)

View of clothes on hangers, after

I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have a clean, organized closet. Izzy and I worked our butts off this weekend fixing it up. Although I still have some clothes to hang/organize that are in other areas of the house, I would say things are 90% done. Pete's clothes are hanging on the right side on a rack near my clothes, and his dress shoes are underneath the rack. His work clothes are on shelves elsewhere in the bedroom, and his boots are in the closet downstairs.

I'm so happy, I almost skip to pick my clothes and shoes out now. Shoe racks would be nice, but I'm holding off on that until we figure out what house we'll end up in during the next year (we plan on moving at some point). But this is a thousand times better than how it was before, with mounds of clothes on the floors and shoes everywhere. It's so great to be organized...ahhhhhh...


kat said...

Wow, well done. This is on my list of things to do...

Chris said...

Thanks. It was a pain in the butt to do, but well worth it. I was surprised to see what I actually owned versus what I THOUGHT I owned :)

please sir said...

Ohhh so very well organized now - congrats! Yes, I went to South America and saw the women you were referring to - with the patterns. I thought of that as well - they are amazing!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...


You did awesome, girl!
It looks so inviting, now.
Like a room to sit in and enjoy
all on it's own.
Not just a closet!

Now will you come and organize my closets?

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

p.s. i love the new profile pic! very you. very abstract, dream-like. reminds me of Wiz of Oz. :)

Chris said...

Uh, NO! LOL I'm not always in the organizing mood. Or really all that much, ever. But it needed to get done, and since I bought some new clothes and shoes, I figured it was time to tackle the darn thing. I walked upstairs just now, and I was almost giddy going into my closet. What will I waste my time with in the morning now, if not with hunting for something to wear??? :)

P.S. Thanks, Georgia. I just threw that in there for the moment (you know how I want to revise it) but I like it :)

suzanne said...

Wow...NOW THAT is a closet!