Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's shoes

Here I am wearing those lovely teal peep toe pumps and my charcoal pants. Toldja the website picture didn't do them justice! I must admit my feet are a bit pissed off at me, so I'm going to lay off the heels for a few days. I think they're in shock from being forced into such unnatural positions and heights, after having spent a whole summer spreading out in easygoing flip flops.

I just came back from Kohl's and Target. I went to Kohl's right after work to see if I could score some more good buys, but I left empty handed. I was really disappointed by Kohl's shoe selection. The ones I did like weren't stocked in my size, although I might order a cute pair I saw online (if I do, I'll post an update or something). Some of the clothes were okay, but I didn't feel crazy about any of them, and I didn't have much time to look since I had to go pick up Pete.

Then I went to Target after I dropped Pete off at home, and I found a few good things (okay, more than a few). I got a cute striped skirt for $4.98 and a pretty ivory shirt for $11.98. I didn't see too much else there that I liked, so I was sorta bummed. But then I headed over to the shoe department and I DID find lots there! I scored three pairs (oops!), but in my defense I used a gift card Jen gave me, and they weren't horribly expensive. And they were all so darn cute, I couldn't turn any of them away. While I was in the shoe department trying on shoes, Pete called. The first thing he asked me was if I was in the shoe aisle at Target, and I laughed. He knows me too well!

Anyhow, I didn't score as much as I would have liked, especially looking through the clearance racks. It seems to me like all the fabrics are very cheap and flimsy, yet they are priced rather high. I almost went to Old Navy, but it was going to be a bit of a drive, I was tired, and sometimes I don't find anything there at all, so I called it a night. I might try again tomorrow, perhaps at a local Dress Barn, or Marshall's, or—gasp!—DSW. I sure wish it were as easy to find good clothes as it is to find good shoes.


sandy said...

The shoes look great, but I know how your feet must have felt! I'm a flip-flop freak and my feet hate being confined to closed shoes. Kinda hard to get used to after a summer of free-feet.

Chris said...

Yes, they were NOT happy. Too bad, I say. I know my feet love my shoe collection (for the most part—some shoes are pretty mean to them) and they like to parade around in said shoes and look pretty while I get lots of compliments on them. So they'll adapt soon enough, I'm sure. Can't exactly go back to flip-flops for the winter!

Claire said...

love the shoes... our styles are just so similar : )

Chris said...'s good to have fellow shoe enthusiasts out there :)