Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fogo de Chão

Pete and I are taking Matt and Shannon to Fogo de Chão on Saturday night. It’s as a thank you for them watching our house and animals while we were on our honeymoon. Here’s a description of the food and service from their website:

The lunch and dinner menu features unlimited servings of 15 different delectable cuts of fire-roasted meats, a sumptuous buffet of gourmet salads and fresh-cut vegetables, and a variety of Brazilian side dishes.

Each guest uses a two-sided disk to control the pace of their meal. The green side signals the Gaucho chefs to bring out skewers of sizzling fire-roasted meats to carve at the table. The red side indicates a stopping point. Turning back to green lets the Gaucho chefs know to start offering the meats again.

The traditional side dishes of warm cheese bread, fried bananas, crispy hot polenta and seasoned mashed potatoes are automatically brought to each table and replenished throughout the meal. The restaurant's award-winning wine list, traditional Brazilian beverages, and a variety of decadent desserts complement the experience.

We went to Fogo de Chão for our first date, and have gone several times since then, but this will be our first time with guests. I told Shannon to starve herself all day on Saturday, because she will be instantly full after the first round of meat makes its way around the room. I can never finish my food, and I always feel like I’m missing out on some fabulous food. I’m not so worried about Pete and Matt getting full too soon, however—Pete is a bottomless pit and Matt isn’t too far behind in that department either.

(Photos courtesy of Fogo de Chão)

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tooshytostop said...

Thanks so much for your review of Fogo de Chao! Did you know that another location opened up in Baltimore? Too Shy to Stop writer Natasha wrote a review, which you can read here.