Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday greetings to my friend and fellow blogger, Georgia

Georgia at the bakery in Crystal Lake where she frequently stops for coffee with her husband, Brac

Me and Georgia at my bachelorette party dinner

Me, Jen, and Georgia at my last lunch as a single working woman

Georgia standing next to a green tile wall

Georgia and Adora, complete with gobs of white dog hair all over Georgia's nice black outfit

Today is Georgia's birthday, so to celebrate I'm showing some of my favorite photos of her. She is a little sunbeam of hope in many peoples' lives, and she makes going to work almost fun (I said almost). Georgia is a blast to hang out with, she is always coming up with creative ideas, and she is the sharpest and most unique dresser I have ever met. She is a very kind and loving soul, and looks for the good in everyone. Georgia even has her own awesome blog, Jorjah-B, which features "anything and everything," but focuses on interior design and fashion.

She's not at work today, because she took the day off to enjoy herself and hang out with her sister. So I'm sending out my birthday wishes to her via my blog. Georgia, if you're reading this, have a fant-abulous birthday!


Claire said...

She is just gorgeous!


Chris said...

Yes, isn't she? Inside and out!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

wow, Chris!
what a lovely surprise!
thank you for your kind birthday tribute!

i wish you could have taken the day off, too, to join us.
you would have loved every thing we did!
next year.

you are a dear friend.
thank you.

Chris said...

You're welcome. It would be wonderful to hang out with you next year. And I should do something like that for my birthday next year, too, instead of moping and feeling sorry for myself. Ack, it's on a Wednesday though :( Oh well! I'll still go!

sandy said...

What a wonderful collection of pictures and thoughts to such a dear sweet friend.