Sunday, September 14, 2008

Images of devestation

View of Warrenville Road and the DuPage River, about to flow over the bridge's sides

Our former neighbor Jeff's house, flooded with 2 feet of water (our old house is in the background)

Path to Warren Woods near our old house

View of our old house, back sun room flooded, and actual DuPage river in background (by tree line)

Side view of our old landlord's garage and our old house's front steps

View of back yard, our old house on the left, Jeff's house on the right, landlord's sailboat floating on flood waters, DuPage River by tree line in background

View of our old house, flood waters filling basement chest high

View of our old house's front steps, Jeff's house in background

Pete looking at flooding of our landlord's house

View of Jeff's house from the gravel lot where we used to park our cars

Flooded Phillips 66 Station on Warrenville Road (where we get our coffee every morning)

On foot bridge in Warren Woods, river already up to the underside of the bridge

Pete and group of people looking at the DuPage River, flooding walkway

The waterfall—gone

Looking north down DuPage River

Waterfall location—note red "No Swimming" sign in background

River flowing right under footpath

Things are really bad here in Warrenville. These pictures were taken around 1:30-2:00 today. Since then, the river has risen several more feet and someone has died, pulled from the river near the Little Red Schoolhouse Antique Shop. Thank God it has finally stopped raining, but the devastation lingers.

(Photos taken with my iPhone)


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...
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Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

wow, you sure captured a lot!

this is awful. i'm so sorry, Chris. it is just so hard to believe, because it did not seem like a lot of rain as it was coming down, but i guess when it is that steady and constant for two days straight, it has nowhere to go.

i know it is bad all over there, but i am glad there are not pictures like this of your new house in there. that is a tough thing to deal with. and i'm sure it is making difficult to get around, hah?

if your town is looking for volunteers to come help with clean-up, let me know. i would love to come help.

ps. i think you could be a photo journalist—you really went out and got some good coverage. it's like watching the news, only better, because it is from a personal point of view.

thanks for sharing!

Isabelle said...

That was horrible I cant believe it happend! that was a horrible day I cant believe BOWER FLOODED!!!!! They might be out for the whole week but..... they have to make up for it. Well at least it wasnt our street.....