Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Uh oh...

My Dodo's in heat (Dodo is our nickname for Adora). We've been meaning to fix Adora since we got her last fall, but it's been a nutty roller coaster called life that we've been riding lately, with the wedding and honeymoon and all. And I know she's in heat because she is starting to jump around more on the couches, hump her brother (Spanky), and bark and ar-ar! more than usual. "Ar-ar!" is the sound she makes when she's agitated and horny, and when she wants us humans to wake up! go! jump! do something! because she's in heat and can't think! Adora is particularly annoying when she's like this, and not much makes her settle down, unless we send her to her cage.

I tried to sit her down and explain that ladies must learn to control their desires, that they can't go humping everything in sight and roam the neighborhood in search of a good time. Adora didn't appear to be listening at all, and her eyes bounced around wildly in her skull. When I finished my little speech and told her to chill out and sit down, Adora promptly jumped onto the couch next to Pete, wiggled around madly like she was on fire, and kicked at everything in her vicinity, including poor bewildered (and irritated) Spanky.

Well, we plan on taking all the animals to the vet this month for their annual exams, and I think we're also going to investigate some places that spay dogs. The procedure can cost a fortune, so we want to try to save money and find a fairly inexpensive place. But on the other hand it's our furry girl Dodo that we are sending to the operating room, so we want to be safe and choose wisely. Hopefully this will be the last hormonal wave we'll all have to ride before we have Adora fixed. Spanky will sure be pleased. No more being humped by Adora or getting kicked in the head by her spastic legs. And after all, Spanky had to visit the chop shop too, so it's Dodo's turn.

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Claire said...

I needed this laugh... thanks!