Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pete and the dining room floor

View of our dining room and Pete working on installing boards

Pete sawing some boards

Dollie observing

Close up of Pete in action

View through the dining room floor to the dirt below

Poor Pete. He has been working on our dining room floor for what seems like forever now. He has stayed up all night working on it, sawing and nailing and drilling away into the wee hours of the morning. I can't believe he hasn't slept, and I'm sure he is feeling the effects of it by now, but he struggles on with it, even at this hour. He is doing an excellent job, but the boards are fighting him every step of the way. He had ripped up the old floor, saving the boards, and we bought new ones to patch in spots that were damaged or cut out by previous owners. But he's really wrestling with the new boards because they are warped and mishapen. So he is practically having to reinvent the wheel just to finish the floor.

Dollie has been by Pete's side most of the time, which I think he appreciates. She's his little helper, and is gracious enough to try out the boards that he is installing by walking back and forth over the length of each one. It's a good thing we have her testing his work out to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.


Claire said...

I love men that are practical and that can do things with their hands. Calvin also loves working with his hands and doing DIY/maintenance things... Our house was in a state when we bought it but we had so much fixing it up over an 18 month period. It went from being a house to a home.

Dollie is beautiful. Because Calvin and I knew that we would be travelling as of the end of this year, we decided not to get any animals before we settled. I love cats. I miss mine terribly that have stayed behind with my mom. When I see Dollie sitting by Pete, I think of my own cat Cheena who would stay up with me all night while I was studying. They have such an incredible way of showing love!

Jules said...

looks like a lot of work! thank God for the great men in our lives :) my husband would be up all night until he got it perfect too -that's just the way he works! and i just adore your kitty. they're great for that extra needed company sometimes.

Ann said...

It must be cool to have a handyman in the house. It would sure be interesting to see the look of your dining room after all the renovations are finished.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

wow! you've been a busy blogging-bee!

i'm so behind.

all great posts! good to see Pete finally working on the floor. let's hope he sticks with it!

Anonymous said...

That is one amazing cat you have there! Mine freaks if you even move a piece of furniture in front of her!!!

Chris said...

Thanks, Claire. Dollie is in my lap right now, and she is the sweetest and funniest cat I've ever met. I can only imagine how much you miss Cheena.

It's tons of work, but yes, I thank God for Pete, Jules. He is a hard worker and very ingenious at solving problems. And Dollie is always ready to lend a hand. She keeps trying to help me blog tonight, which isn't working so well. There's not enough room for two of us on the keyboard, lol.

Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by...he's very handy. That's why I married him! Just kidding, but no, seriously, it does help having a crafty hubby :)

Hey Georgia—I've been busy but also a bit bored, lol. And you've been sick, so you have good reason to have been quiet for the last several days. Pete's working hard, but I do worry about the floor getting done. Fingers crossed!