Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hayworth jewelry armoire from Pier 1

I'm really drooling over this jewelry armoire from Pier 1. It's a dash of old Hollywood glamour, featuring hand-cut beveled mirrors and black felt–lined storage drawers. Georgia has one of these, so I've seen it in person. Ever since I saw it, I've been living in Covetville, especially since my current jewelry box is waaaaay too small for my ever-growing collection. Sigh...maybe for Christmas?


avant garde said...

wow, love this amoire, and i haven't been to into pier 1 in a while, thinking they needed to re-vamp what they are selling a bit, i was getting bored of the same ol' looks from them...then this! i too will drool.

Chris said...

Me neither. I used to be an assistant manager there years ago, and ended up hating the place (bad upper management), so I avoided it like the plague. But I've been back in recent years and they really have some nice things nowadays.