Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bill Campbell pottery

Remember how I mentioned the unique pottery of the Eschelman Pottery Studio the other day? Well, I'd like to bring to your attention the gorgeous pottery of Bill Campbell. I discovered his work while vacationing in the Adirondacks last year with Pete, Jeanette, and Olivia. I happened to be shopping in Lake Placid and I stumbled into a neat little art gallery that sold pottery, statues, and other unique gifts. And let me tell you, I went a little nutty in there. I'm not usually one to buy up a bunch of artwork. Something has to really speak to me in order for me to want to shell out money for it (like Bird Nerd's work).

So when I walked in and spied his pieces on display, my mouth fell open and I went into a purchasing frenzy. I had to limit myself to only a few pieces, since they are rather delicate and would not travel well being jostled in the back of the car. There was a little space in an antique trunk that I had bought, so I figured whatever I could fit in there, I would buy. 

I ended up selecting a lovely vase, dish, and some serving pieces. And they are quite beautiful. Of course I can't show you any pictures of the pieces I bought, since they are still packed away in my trunk. But I can tell you that they are shimmering, irridescent little drops of hand-fired eye candy. I'm drawn to Campbell's work like a blackbird is drawn to shiny bits of tin foil.

The best thing is, I checked out the availability of his pottery here in Illinois, and there are plenty of galleries that carry his work! So I'm already twitching and formulating excuses to visit a few local galleries and perhaps snatch a piece or two (or three) of my version of shiny tin foil.

(Photos courtesy of Jeff S. Willis)

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