Friday, September 12, 2008

"Pork Burrito, Pork Burrito" and "Rainbows and Puppies"

Yesterday morning, Pete and I stopped at the BP for his smokes and some grub. We didn't have time to make two separate stops for the cigarettes AND the food, and the people at McDonald's move like glaciers on a good day, so BP was our logical choice. Anyhow, he emerged from the mini mart with two steaming hot pork burritos, and presented me with one of them, smiling and saying he thought I looked "peckish" and could use a burrito. Then he launched into a song about pork burritos and how good they tasted, which he serenaded me with all the way to his work. At one point my wrapped burrito slid onto the floor and I grumbled about it, and Pete seamlessly wove that new development into his song:

Pork burrito, pork burrito, you're such a tasty treat!
Pork burrito, pork burrito, don't you slide under that seat!

Or something to that effect. I wish I could always have a tape recorder going when he comes up with these ditties, but they're so off the cuff that I'm always caught off guard. I did catch part of his song, "Rainbows and Puppies," on my old cell phone voice memo recorder, but that was it. That song was inspired by me, because when I first met him he was always singing really dark songs that were about "fried chicken and death" (my words). I asked him why he never sang songs about happy things, like "rainbows and puppies or something." So he promptly came up with the song "Rainbows and Puppies" to satisfy my craving for a happy tune. Over the years he's whipped up several other jingles, but "Rainbows and Puppies" remains my favorite by far.


Claire said...

you gotta love a man that sings to you... : )

Chris said...

Yeah, no matter what the song! :)