Sunday, September 14, 2008

Before and after the flood

Walkway, before

Walkway, after

Waterfall, before

Waterfall, after

The "before" pictures were taken during our wedding rehearsal, which took place at Warren Woods. The walkway is now pretty much underwater (the river has risen since these flood pictures were taken) and the waterfall is gone. In its place is a solid sheet of rushing river water.

(Photos taken with my iPhone)


kat said...

I'm sorry to see all the flood damage that has happened in your community! Nature can be so powerful. I hope it dries up soon..

Chris said...

Me too. No more rain today, so I'm happy. Hopefully the flood waters will recede quickly. I think on Wednesday the river is supposed to crest....

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oh, my gosh! i just now saw this (i'm on my lunch break.)

i was talking to one of my friends in Wheaton last night. she said they could not leave their apartment all weekend because of the flooding.

you guys sure got hit really hard down there! and i think of the people in Texas, too! it just seems like there is more an more flooding all over, even without hurricanes. i remember the flooding in the spring in Iowa and Wisconsin!

well, thank God the rain has stopped!

did your house hold up?

please sir said...

Oh my goodness - these pictures are crazy and haunting. I hope you stay dry - keep floating and keep us updated!