Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adora and Izzy

This was taken at 2:00 a.m. on Friday, when Izzy, Adora, Spanky, and I drove up to the shower house at Nelson Dewey State Park. We had arrived at the park really late, and were about to shower and hit the air mattresses. Spanky was sitting in the back, and Adora was in the passenger seat, where Izzy was supposed to sit. Izzy tried to push Adora out of the way into the back seat, but Adora was resistant and acting weird. She seemed to try to squeeze between the seat and the car door to get to the back seat, but at the last second she slid down next to Izzy and wrapped her paws around her, hugging her in a strange but needy grip. Izzy and I were cracking up, and I shot a few pix of the scene on my iPhone.

I'll be posting some camping pictures, hopefully tonight (there are about 500 of them). And yes, I'm still working on the Hawaii pictures too. With the camping trip successful (and over!) and only small family events left for the next few months, I can breathe easy and have some free time for such things as editing and posting photos. I also intend to clean my house, the yard, and maybe start on a children's book I've been thinking about.

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g-bug said...

You sound like you have a lot of fun stuff in the works (well, except for cleaning the house—although, I guess that could be fun).

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Friend!!!