Sunday, May 31, 2009

A pretty (and hopefully secure) way to hide a few remotes

Hi, my name is Chris, and I have a dog named Adora that eats things that she shouldn't. I admit it. She eats lots of things. Things like remote controls, shoes, cordless phones...things you personally don't think are all that tasty, but that she enjoys destroying when she's home alone (with Spanky, Max, and Dollie, that is).

And it doesn't stop there. Adora is a master at opening bottles and packages and getting at food, especially when I take Spanky and her in the car with me, which is quite often. Not even a bottle of water is safe. She will take the bottle of water, carefully unscrew the cap (even if it hasn't been opened), and drink the water from the bottle without spilling very much, if anything. This happens almost daily when I take Adora with me in the car, so I've had to hide water bottles under the seats, but she still gets to things down there. The only safe place to hide stuff is under a shelf in the back of my CRV, where Adora can't get to things. If I don't hide stuff back there, I pay. I have caught her opening yogurt containers, bananas, chili dog containers, boxes of candy, candy bars, bags of chips.... Adora has even taken an entire cup of iced coffee and drank it, with barely a drop spilled, while I ran into Target.

Anyhow, I digress. I was at Michael's on Monday and found some pretty paper boxes of different shapes and sizes. I loved a particular bird box, but as always, I try to think of what practical use such an item will serve in my house.

I hadn't thought of one until the following day, when I realized the box could easily fit both our cable and DVD remote controls.

The previous cable remote had been killed by Adora in the past, and Pete and I always worry she'll set her sights on the humble replacement remote one of these days. But now I have a pretty box to hide both remotes from her ravenous ways.

Although I'm not so sure that she can't open the box and get at them. She has opened storage bins in my car to get at candy before. Well, I guess we'll give it a try and see what happens.

They always look so innocent, don't they?


Char said...

LOL i laughed when i read this because if it involves food and the pugs could get at it they would. but they are good at leaving most stuff alone. however, today moses bodychecked me to herd me to the kitchen this morning for a snack.

Teresa said...

Love your dog's blue eyes. Walking to lunch the other day, someone has a beagle with a blue eye and a brown eye. My mom also has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Interesting the habits of our pets. Your is very smart.

Leslie said...

Adora is so gorgeous. The way she/he looks at you through the camera...a tinge of guilt but mostly angelic glances ;-)

Chris said...

Let me tell you, Char, that last night Adora ran right at my leg full speed, only hesitating slightly, and gave me a huge jolt. So I totally sympathize with those body checks the pugs give you, lol.

Thanks, Teresa!

Yes, Leslie, that quite accurately describes Adora!