Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dinner at White Fence Farm

Pete, my dad, the dogs, and I all trekked out to White Fence Farm yesterday evening for dinner. My dad said he hadn't been there in over 40 years, even though he passes it from time to time during his travels. So we decided to stop by and have dinner. It was a very nice, relaxing time, and my dad and Pete had a great time running around, looking at all the antiques and curiosities afterward.

Here are some pix:

Dad and Pete checking out some motorcycles

Antique cars and assorted tchotchkes on display

Ironic chicken with chef hat emblem on carpeting

Pete in heaven, looking at all the goodies

The famous White Fence Farm chicken


Char said...

so what did you have? is it famous for fried chicken?

Chris said...

Yes, I had the fried chicken (we all did). It's pretty famous for that, and although it has numerous satellite chicken stands in the area, they don't seem to do as good of a job as the original (huge) restaurant. I was stuffed beyond belief when we left, and I don't normally eat like that! But it was good :)

Claire said...

LOL! my one friend actually calls me chicky. i'm really glad that i did not land up there and on your plate ; )

looks like a great place.