Saturday, May 23, 2009

Upgrading to CS4

I need to upgrade my software at some point to CS4 (I'm running CS2). What blows is I would need both Photoshop AND Illustrator (and not so much the other stuff, including InDesign) but the price for a bundle is $500—which is quite a bundle itself. I know it'll be tax deductible because it's software for my freelance business, but eesh. Perhaps I should wait until it becomes an issue and someone actually requests I work in CS4?

Right now, an external hard drive is more important, especially since I'm flooding my poor laptop's hard drive with photos and illustrations. Oh, if only I had more money...or really, any at all....


Char said...

how well do you think an external would ship? I have a 500 gig that I just emptied.

but really - they're not that expensive $150 for a terrabyte and that is a lot of space.

Chris said...

They ship really well. I got mine yesterday after ordering it Wednesday. Mine was $99 for a TB drive plus $7-8 or so for shipping (super-fast shipping at that). I think the link to the drive I gave here is where I ordered it (I'm having trouble with our Internet all of a sudden and the page isn't loading.) Georgia got the same drive, thats how i found out about it, but hers is from a Tiger Direct store (I couldn't find it in the online TD store or a local outlet.) Anyhow, I can't wait to hook it up!