Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun at the DMV and Crate and Barrel Outlet goodies

I went to the Naperville DMV on Wednesday to change my name on my license, so that I can move on with life and transfer my 401k funds from my old job. That was a half hour of government fun. I look like a boy in my picture because my hair was pulled back and I didn't have any girly stuff on. I liked my old picture better, but just getting that task out of the way is more than worth it. Changing your name is a total pain in the butt, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I still have stuff needing changing: credit cards, my auto insurance, etc. And my new last name is a mouthful, so it's always fun to get people to spell and pronounce it correctly.

As a consolation prize, I stopped by Crate and Barrel Outlet and picked up a few cute things:

Bird Bath Stand (I'm using it as a feeder.)

Woven Birdhouse

Silicon Grips (similar to this but better)

Bird Teapot

Marin Ramekin (I'm using it as a catch-all dish on my desk.)

Appetizer Platter

It made my trip through the roped DMV lines worth it.


Georgia B. said...

you hit the jack pot!!

i'm loving the bird things, of course. especially the bird bath.

Char said...

I love the bird things too. that teapot is so cute. I also love the blue ramikin.

ugh - I hate changing all of that too. a very big PAIN.

avant garde said...

don't you love when you have a shopping trip like that. and it didn't feel like you broke the bank :) i love that bird bath stand, so pretty! enjoy your weekend getting all of that stuff done that you left on my post. i'm like you, my son laughs at me all of the time, like i'm really going to get everything done that i'm talking about! :)

kendalee said...

What great finds and a little reward is always in order after an encounter with bureaucracy! My favourite is, hands-down, the teapot. What a beauty! I hope it makes you good tea.