Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mismatched punch bowl sets

I've always wanted one of those classic, pretty cut glass punch bowl sets, but never got around to getting one. They tend to be pricey, and I always wanted more than 8 cups with my set, since I have a large family and lots of friends who like punch.

My solution was to buy a few punch bowl sets at a local resale shop and just mix and match them. One set cost $10 and came with 16 cups, one which broke on the way home, and the other set cost $15 and came with 8 cups. I bought both sets and supplemented with five additional cups that were on clearance (about 10¢ each) and another five cups that I happened to have at home, ordered from eBay a while ago (the sixth cup had broken en route during delivery anyhow).

So now I have two pretty punch bowls and 32 mismatched glasses. That should be more than enough to serve my guests, and if a few break, it won't be a big deal. This has always been my philosophy at home, where you will have a hard time finding a set of matching cups or dishes in my cupboards. Besides my china, nothing matches, and I prefer it that way. And it also allows me to buy random dishes that I find and add them to my collection.


Char said...

i love mismatched but coordinating - I have mismatched matlisse pillow cases and coverlet on my bed. I've always loved mismatched dishes and teacups.

avant garde said...

the more eclectic the better. makes for interesting stories on where you found them. :)