Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A visit to Willowbrook Wildlife Clinic

My mom, Sam, Henry, Jane, and I all visited Willowbrook Wildlife Clinic in Glen Ellyn on Friday. I'd been there before, but it had been a few years. The big news was that Willowbrook had a bobcat on the premises, which caused much excitement among the visitors.

First, we strolled around inside the clinic where we viewed both living and not-so-living residents, like this coyote.

Henry was fascinated by a snake that kept going in and out of a glass bottle.

A patient

My mom and Jane—Jane was smacking my mom on the head in this photo, which is why my mom is laughing.

A somber mourning dove

Sam and Henry check out some more birds.

Henry watches the turtle swimming around in its tank.

Mom and a post-cry Jane

Making our way further through the clinic

After finishing our tour of the indoor clinic, we stroll through the outdoor exhibit.

This volunteer was sharing interesting information about this owl. The owl had a thing about Jane and locked its eyes on her for several uneasy moments.

Some pretty purple flowers on the grounds

Mama Sam kissing Jane

Henry, Sam, and Jane looking at an eagle exhibit

Mom and Sam hold Henry as he checks out some animals.

An eagle (I think)

Some owls

Mom lifts up Henry so he can get a better look at...

...these raccoons.

The much-hyped bobcat, who seemed bored and somewhat tired.

Sam, Jane, and Henry in the butterfly lookout

Pretty koi swimming in the koi pond


Char said...

sounds like you had a great visit

avant garde said...

great photos, i really need to get a digital camera. kids love places like that, anything to do with animals right? :) happy tuesday! (and yes, my dad and i have an extra special relationship, we are very much alike)

Georgia B. said...

oh, cool! i've never seen real coi fish in person. i would have liked that part.

how cute are your sisters kids? getting some good practice in there, hah? :)

Chris said...

I'm trying to, G! I still feel like a bumbling dufus around kids, but I'm getting better :)