Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Painted floors

Now that the dining room floor is 99% done (happy dance), Pete and I are talking paint colors. I mentioned that I thought a robin's egg-type blue floor would be pretty and very cottagey, which is exactly the style of house we live in (it's the Skywater Cottage from the 1928 Sears Catalog).

So when I brought paint chips home yesterday and had them fanned out on our floor, he seemed startled by the colors. He said, "Wow, those are blue. I thought you meant aqua or green." Huh? Robin's egg blue is pretty much just that—a very vivid, pretty blue.

I've mentioned this to a few people, and not many give me the kind of reaction I'm hoping for. It ranges from "Huh, really?" to "Okaaay...". Maybe I'm making a big mistake, but when I googled "blue painted floor," I got lots of pretty and fairly numerous results.

I would love a pretty white floor, but it would get dirty and dingy pretty fast in my house. At least the blue would "age" well.

And I like the idea of patterns painted on the floor, too, but Pete doesn't seem so crazy about it. Maybe if I show him these pix?

Sometimes I think it's because I'm an artist and people just don't "get me." But other times I think I've got really weird or bad taste. Maybe it's a mix of the two. But the blue color I'm thinking of is so happy and lively and bright, that I'd hate to use anything else in that room and darken its cheerful and sunny aura.


Char said...

I like the idea of painted rather than white because as it ages and wears - it will look as if you meant it to do that.

avant garde said...

you should definitely go for the robin's egg blue, it's airy, clean and soft all at the same time, it's one of my favorite colors. and not because i'm a robin :)