Saturday, October 11, 2008

Talk about getting your fix!

I just want to share with the world that my dog Adora drank my entire Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonald's.

Let me start from the beginning. I was out and about today doing errands with the dogs in tow. I had just bought an iced coffee from McDonald's and had put it in my cup holder in my CR-V. I only had a few sips before I stopped by Target to pick up some stuff for the party tomorrow. Of course I hid the other food I had gotten from McDonald's in the back of the car, under a little shelf where I knew she couldn't get to it. But I figured the coffee was safe, thinking she wouldn't like the taste. I was in the store for 15 minutes or so, max. When I came out, the plastic coffee cup was lidless and empty, and ice was all over my nice leather seats, including the seatbelt holes in the seats. I was livid.

Spanky was wide eyed and kept his distance from Adora, proclaiming his innocence via body language, knowing that I was about to get really, really mad. Adora was trying to melt into the car door, looking horribly sheepish and probably hoping that I wouldn't rant and rave over the spilled coffee. I was almost stunned into silence because I just couldn't believe she drank the whole thing. I mean, she has consumed many other things in the car (see this post), including a Starbucks soy green tea latte, but never an entire 24-oz. cup of iced coffee. Yikes.

A sheepish Adora

I ended up getting another coffee on the way home, but I'm still steamed. Pete seemed to think it was a joke and didn't really reprimand Adora in any way, which makes me even madder. Well, I'm betting Adora isn't going to sleep so well tonight with all that caffeine in her system. You would think she would learn—and that I would learn, too—but the carnage continues.

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Leigh said...

Oh no, as I am laughing, just wouldn't expect that. And the look is classic with the photo, guilty.
How cute.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Sounds like the pups were really giving you a run for your money this weekend! And Adora does look totally sheepish in that photo---I didn't know it was possible for a dog to look guilty, but she proved me wrong!

How did the rest of the de-skunking go? Has the smell lingered? Once a skunk sprayed under our porch and it stunk for weeks...

Anonymous said...

Awww your dog-child is soooooo cute! I love aussies. So was she completely wound up after that entire drink??? McDonald's puts extra caffeine in those things!!!

Hope you had a good weekend :)