Saturday, May 2, 2009

Simple Human trash can

Is it weird to be in love with your garbage can? I saved up coupons and money, and I finally got a nice steel trash can for our kitchen. It matches our appliances and looks trés chic! I suffered through beat-up, stained plastic garbage cans for the last four years and thought it was time to upgrade. I wish we could have gotten a larger one, although this is the same size as our last can. Dang, those metal cans are expensive! The biggest and fanciest models went up to $170!

Anyhow, I love it so much that I find myself looking for excuses to throw stuff away.


Char said...

pretty fancy!! I know that loving something feeling

Georgia B. said...

i love their products! angela has an awesome one that opens just by a motion sensor by the feet. i love it, because you don't have to touch anything!