Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leaning mirror

I was on the prowl for some sort of decorative mirror, but nothing too heavy and dark. So when I was strolling through JCPenney a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a group of large mirrors that were 50% off (!). Most had ornate dark brown or black frames, and weren't quite what I was looking for.

But, one was painted a shimmery gold color with robin's egg blue accents (yes, I'm drawn to that color lately). I liked that it was brighter and less heavy looking than other mirrors, and it also mimicked the gold drapes in my living room. I called Pete from the store and he said to go for it. When it was rung up, the original $200 was knocked down to $100, then minus another $15 for some sort of random discount I was unaware of, then another $28 was subtracted with the aid of a gift card. End result? A large and lovely mirror that was about $66.

At the moment it's leaning against the living room wall, but I may move it to another wall in the room or have it mounted. I love the concept of mirrors and/or art leaning against the wall, or sitting on a desk, versus mounted traditionally. And I do like where it's at right now, because it reminds me of the dog staring in the mirror in the Petco commercial. Our dogs and cats often stop and look at themselves in the mirror, or watch other things going on in the room via its shiny surface.


avant garde said...

i'm glad you found one you liked, i love robin's egg blue too, but i think i told you that before? hmm. anyway, i saw a post from a blogger that showed ikea small round mirrors that stick to the wall. they put them in rows over a bed and turned them into a very glam headboard! looked fab. :)

Char said...

what a great bargin. my brother has this huge mirror in his living room that looks terrific. he mounted it on the wall but my other brother has one in the bedroom that just leans against the wall.

I tend not to deal with mirrors - no clue why.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

What an amazing steal! Don't you love when that happens? It'll look great leaning or hung--I can't believe how HUGE it is!

Claire said...

i too have been mirror shopping lately. i like the size of the one you found.