Friday, May 8, 2009

Framed handmade paper

I saved the beautiful handmade paper that wrapped the shower gift from Georgia last summer, always intending to do something with it. Last weekend I decided to go ahead and frame it as a little work of art, since it's truly gorgeous and deserves to be preserved. I think it turned out nicely, although I'd like to get a nicer frame someday when I have a little more money to spend. It looks great in my house, and it reminds me of Georgia and our summer of wedded bliss last year.


Ruggy13 said...

That's a great idea! I think things look so much more amazing when they have meaning behind them!

Georgia B. said...

oh, my gosh! that looks awesome framed! great idea. so glad you found it. i know it went missing for a while. :)

{i laughed when i read this--the last sentence makes it sound like you and i got married last year.}

Chris said...

LOL wow, it really does, doesn't it? More evidence how powerful proofreading can be, especially from a former proofreader who's headed down another path. I got rusty pretty quick!