Friday, May 1, 2009

Vintage Hawaii

I'm salivating over this poster (in 24" x 36", please) but the slightly steep price (sans frame) is keeping me from buying it. I know exactly where to put it because I've been waiting to find just the right poster/print for a certain wall in my house. I want a vintage Hawaii travel poster to commemorate our honeymoon and all the memories from that time. I love the bold, graphic looks of vintage posters, and they're relatively affordable. But I haven't yet clicked on the "purchase" button yet.

I also like this kitschy poster from the late 40s, but it's a bit smaller.

There are lots of other cool vintage Hawaii posters to choose from online, it's just a matter of picking the right print and the right price.



Char said...

I like "Come to Hawaii" and "Hawaii is Waiting For You."

beautiful finds. I've always loved the vintage travel posters too.

avant garde said...

vintage anything is always fun. these prints are no exception. even if you framed them as a tryptique. enjoy your weekend girlfriend! :)