Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dollie vs. a bowl of cherries

If you are a photographer and have pets like me, you know that you often get "helpers" that "assist" you in your photo shoots. They tend to move stuff around for you or pose in your shot to help you focus. Sometimes the ensuing photograph is better than the intended original, but often you get a blurry mess. Other times you get something interesting or even worthy of saving. In any event, you have a laugh at your furry children's antics.

Such was the case this past weekend. I had bought some cherries at Target and decided, on a whim, to take some photos. And since our dining room floor is still unpainted, I thought the white bowl and red cherries would look pretty with the blue-green-brown floorboards in the background. I set the bowl on the floor and started to take pictures, snapping off a few somewhat blurry but colorful images.

I was just getting into it when a furry head popped into view in front of my camera lens. Dollie (the cat in my blog banner, for those of you new to this blog) had somehow caught wind of this impromptu photo session and decided to help herself to one of the cherries. She picked one out of the bowl with her little monkey paw (I swear she has opposable thumbs) and started to play a game of cherry soccer, Dollie-style. I just sat back and watched her for a while, snapping a few pix but mainly enjoying this burst of spontaneous game play. She played with her little "ball" for quite some time, until it was either squishy from being batted about or eaten by one of the dogs (Adora likes cherries, we've discovered).

Later on, the bowl of cherries was sitting on our enamel table in the kitchen, and Dollie decided to play some more. She hopped up on the table, took another cherry out of the bowl, jumped onto the floor with it in her paw, and started playing soccer again. I had to laugh and watch her again, since she obviously was having fun and was oblivious to the world around her as she played. Dollie partially hid inside a plastic bag at one point, using it as a sort of blind, and repeatedly pounced on the hapless cherry. Another tactic was to send the cherry flying under and around the construction equipment in the dining room, whereafter she'd chase the little missile and intercept it in different ways. This game play is not unusual behavior for Dollie, but it always surprises and delights me. Max is a much calmer, more relaxed cat, and very rarely plays at all, but Dollie is full of mischeif.

What a weird, weird cat.


Char said...

I miss a cat that does that - it's completely charming and makes me giggle.

avant garde said...

unconditional love and fun! i have a need for a puppy soon. we currently have no pets, but i have to wait until the shop takes off and starts making some money before i can take care of a pet. then i'll bring him to work! :)

kendalee said...

Weird? I wouldn't say that necessarily... ;o) But adorable? Definitely!

We used to have a cat who'd steal mushrooms (given half a chance) and would then run around with the stalk in her mouth and the cap over her nose like a little bumper. Now that struck me as weird. But that's what makes them fab, isn't it?!

drollgirl said...

i think i love dolly! maybe next time you can video tape and put it on youtube! it would be a hit FOR SURE!

simplesong said...

so cute + fun. love that second pic.

and can i say ... so happy for that its cherry season ... my fav!

Leslie said...

I love your pics with your kitty's. So very special. love those moments with our little kids ;-)