Wednesday, December 10, 2008

missing G

you were not there today
gone and sorely missed
me, not so good
not quite there—adrift
work was bland and sad and hurried and
without talk of fashion
and blogs
and tea
and health
and husbands
i was without my muse
my splash of color
my dose of teasing and fun and laughter
a good reason for dressing up
and pretty shoes
and trying new things
and the beauty of life
and stravy hair
and happy little birds with scarves on
no one to explain myself to
to share the fluttery and delicate thoughts and ideas
i hide
from the rest, unsure
a catalyst for my creativity
i did not have
you were not there today
but home
sick and sore (and probably bored)
everything was off
the day was not as sunny
as it could have been
the photograph of the day would have been
and not taken with joy
i had no
purple tights to adore
or jaunty caps to admire
or giant cookies to eat
or you
waving from afar to make me
or splashing hot water to laugh about
or swinging crystal chandeliers to
or anything
no, not today
instead I was bogged down with the
too apathetic for
the rest
lacking your spark and zeal and shine
i missed you
can you tell?


thevintagechair said...

this is SO sweet. Gah, when I miss work, nobody ever writes me poems. They just leave me a list of stuff to do!
What a beautiful friendship you and Georgia have!

Anonymous said...

This makes ME miss her and I don't even work with you guys! What a great little homage Chris...I wish I lived near you two so I could join in the fun :)

P.S. Your tree hunt looks like a blast. Did your huz make manly grunting noises at the moment of the kill?

Claire said...

such a special friendship!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oh, my goodness. i just now sow this.

this is the sweetest thing.

i'm gonna go read it now.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

Chelsea, I just read your comment. crack me up!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

all i can say is, it's hard to read through tears.

thank you, Chris. that was so special. i think that is the best poem anyone has ever written to me.

and that photo is fantastic! did you take it?

Chris said...

Anne—No, Pete didn't make noises, and didn't even want to pose, but I made him do it. I thought it looked like one of those hunting photos from the 1800s or something!

G—You're welcome! I'm not sure where it came from. I just sat down and started writing it.

The picture is in the same vein as the letters project I'm still working on. It's a towel rack in my bathroom, but I've always been struck by the fact that it looks like a pretty G. And the added shadow was extra cool!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful poem, my multi talented friend!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

so sweet---you two are so lovely...what a gorgeous friendship...

Jekisa Jean said...

this is fantastic Chris :)
and as one who has had the pleasure of working with G before,
i can completely understand your sentiments here. :)

well done,
absolutely darling :)

Alyssa said...

What a great poem. You two truly seem like kindred spirits:)