Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Toasty Tuesday

Benetton scarf (from the Community Thrift Store, $1.88) and Delia's sweater

Vintage bracelet (from the Barrington sidewalk sale this summer) and Levi's

Nine West granny boots—first wear!

"Pearl" earrings bought for my wedding but never worn
(Pardon the neckne, I've been breaking out quite badly lately.)

I almost wore a nice skirt ensemble today, but I was a) feeling crappy and b) freezing. So I went with the scarf and sweater set. I always regret not wearing a skirt once I get to work, though. I arrive there and invariably there are fashionable skirts, shoes, and boots on parade. Then I feel like I missed out and should have just gone for it. And I almost always end up feeling better later in the day anyhow, so I really have no excuse, do I?

I played a little bit of fashion show for the animals tonight when we got home. I was trying to piece together an outfit for tomorrow featuring a skirt (snow be damned!) but was struggling to put just the right pieces together. I seem to buy things I like that don't necessarily match other things, so then I have to try to buy stuff that coordinates with my purchases. Anyhow, between detaching Dollie from my hanging shirts (my closet is a playland paradise to her) and making sure the dogs weren't getting into trouble, I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. Maybe I'll feel inspired tomorrow when my mind is fresh and rested...I hope.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i loved your ensemble today. one of my fave combinations is aqua blue and green, and you did it!

and that scarf DID look so toasty. that is one of your best finds!

Claire said...

you have become very beautiful to me Chris.