Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My poor Maxy-poo

Isn't this a lovely photo? This was taken last week. I happened to walk into our spare (storage) room looking for something, and I saw him dozing on these pillows next to some vivid fake pink roses. The sun was hitting him just right, and he looked very peaceful. I ran to get my iPhone, and when I came back he was sitting up, looking a little sleepy and bewildered. I'm sure he wasn't feeling all that great with his bad allergies and sores, but he's doing better and is already a bit perkier than he has been. You can see one of the red crusty/bloody spots under his chin in the photo. Poor thing.

Oh well, just wanted to share a picture of my Max.

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Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

awwww. . . how did i not see this post before? he is so cute.

i think the pic is better with with him sitting up than it would have been if he was lying there sleeping. it's like he's posing.


i love it! i want pets!!!!! :(