Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun at the movies

As promised, here are some pix from our trip to Hollywood Blvd.

Shannon looking at all the "It's a Wonderful Life" memorabilia

Pete and Matt waiting in line to see Karolyn Grimes

A closeup of some "IAWL" memorabilia

Pete, Karolyn Grimes, and me

Karolyn Grimes and her assistant laughing at Pete's Jimmy Stewart impressions while she signs Matt's copy of "IAWL"

Matt kissing Shannon at the lobby's bar

My chocolate raspberry martini—yum!

A goofy Shannon and scary Matt at the bar

Matt's spiked vanilla coffee drink

Matt, Shannon, and Pete waiting in the lobby for the "IAWL" crowd to be seated

A warning sign for...

...this supposedly expensive horse statue

Me and Pete, all grins

Matt seated in the theatre, waiting for Ms. Grimes to speak

A happy Pete in his seat

Ms. Grimes heading up front to speak to the crowd about the movie

Pete running through the parking lot after the movie, reenacting Jimmy Stewart's "Merry Christmas!" scene in "IAWL"

Pete, as Jimmy Stewart, accosting Matt; Matt calling for police help

Pete (Jimmy Stewart) accosting me

Pete (Jimmy Stewart) running through the lot, yelling "Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!" as we all laugh our butts off


Char said...

looks like a great time!

Georgia B. said...

you got some great shots, Chris! i love the ones of you and Pete—i think you look great—i'd never know you were not feeling well.

what a fun time! it looks like you all really enjoyed being together. i love that about your family!

thevintagechair said...

ha! This looks like it was so much fun! great shots. I could really go for a raspberry martini...