Friday, December 5, 2008

"And they call it puppy love..."

A good motivating factor for getting your dog spayed is to watch her and your (neutered) male dog run around the house for hours, humping each other, sniffing each others' hoo-has, and whimpering in sexual frustration as they knock magazines off the table and generally tear up the house.

Adora wasn't fixed when we got her, and it's been something we have to do that's just been on the back burner with our recent wedding and all, but that magical time is here again. And it's an almost disturbing site to watch them, since Adora and Spanky normally act as brother and sister, fighting over bones and our affection, teasing each other, and getting annoyed when the other one sits on their face (that would be Adora sitting on Spanky's face). I get a weird sensation when all this goes on, as if I'm watching siblings chasing each other, and I end up feeling thoroughly weirded out.

I can't say that the recent episode when Pete and I tackled Adora in that McDonald's parking lot last weekend to put her little Pup'sters doggy diaper on her while children pointed and mothers looked on, horrified, was any less of a motivating factor. And I do admit I tire of taking Adora aside after she has once again torn off her plastic britches and explaining to her that she needs to keep them on, because mama doesn't take her underpants off and sit on all the furniture when she has her period, now does she?

I'm making an appointment for Adora today.


Claire said...

Chris you have me in tears. I needed this laugh, thanks : )

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

Pete looks scared here. i'm sure he is!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Lucy wore a diaper, took it off and got pregnant by the neighbors dog!

Haha as for the boots, I put them on and I feel like I should be carring a sword and wearing a purple power rangers outfit!

Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm taking a little break from studying to tell you how much I appreciate it :)

You of all people can understand this...I can't wait until the test is over so I can get back to my photography, I miss it =)

Fifi Flowers said...

Hilarious! Thanks for a laugh!