Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Thoughts—Day 5

My furry children. Life would not be as happy without them, and I know this is true, because Pete and I lived without pets (except the fish) for the first few years we were together. And let me tell you, I was always lonely for the poke of a wet nose, the touch of a furry paw, and the warm and happy lick from a happy dog. They truly make us happy, and remind us of the simple things in life.


Char said...

you have beautiful furry babies. I swear that after my boy kitty passes away that I will not have any for a while...but I know it will be too lonely.

Claire said...

too adorable. i can't wait to get my very own next year : )

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I have missed seeing my own babies while I've been a way at college-it's good to come home to a bunch of furry faces :)

As for the snow, I hope it doesn't arrive until you both are safely at home! It's such a pretty thing, just not when you have to drive home in it :)