Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A mangled mess

My horribly overcrowded and messy jewelry box (notice the cleaning equipment in the background)

Even the drawers are jammed full of stuff.

A close up of the chaos. Notice the wine cork among the baubles, a souvenir from our engagement bottle of wine

Things are out of control in my jewelry box. Several years ago when I first bought it, it seemed like such a luxurious space, just waiting to be filled with all my trinkets. Fast forward to now, when I can barely shut the lid, earrings are disorganized and missing, and necklaces are tangled and jumbled. I hate it, but it'll have to do for the moment. I'm not the type of person to hang each set of earrings on a holder or something, but I do like keeping them in bins according to color and style (studs together, colors together, hoops together, etc.). And as you can see, that is no longer happening here, is it?

I would love to get this jewelry armoire from Pier 1, but it's a bit outside my price range. Still, it's very cool and would definitely fit all my stuff—right now, that is. I can't seem to stop adding a little here and a little there...


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i have that armoire and i STILL can't contain and organize all my jewelry!!

the price we pay for beauty!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you have quite a collection there! that pier 1 amoire might be pricey but sure is pretty!

Claire said...

i do not have nearly as much as you and georgia but mine is still a mess... i've been brainstorming some plans. will let you know when i find one.