Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowy rush hour hell

(Pete looking rather intense on the way home on his driving shift, during our three-hour snowy commute. Not pictured: My glassy-eyed terrified expression, nor the permanent death grip impressions on the seat arms from my hands.)

I only recently got home from work, so I am getting to the blog stuff very, very late tonight. Yes, it took Pete and me three hours to get home! Normally (on a good day) it's a 45 min. ride, so needless to say we're crabby and tired (but home safe).

I'll be reading all my favorite blogs tomorrow night, so if you haven't seen me lately, never fail, I'll be stopping by tomorrow night. In the meantime, stop by vivid to check out the pix from our loooong drive home tonight. Hope you're warm and dry wherever you are!


Char said...

those type drives always give me headaches! glad you're safe

Claire said...

this looks really intense. so glad you are safe.

please sir said...

Oh that is not good...stay safe!

Georgia B. said...

again—looks like a science fiction movie. love it!

you should have stayed at work with me—then it would have only taken you an hour. :)

we would have had a blast with no one around!