Monday, December 8, 2008

My trusty new Sportos

I just simply adore these waterproof boots by Sporto. I was in need of some sturdy, warm boots—yes, I actually NEEDED boots, not just WANTED them—and found these wonderfully cute yet functional boots that suited my needs. And the perfect test drive? Our annual Christmas tree trip yesterday, which involved lots of hiking, snow, and freezing temps. These beauties performed flawlessly. Not only did my feet stay toasty and dry—a first for me, ever, with winter boots—but they repelled dirt and moisture like no one's business, and looked super cute to boot (ha ha). My feet felt great all day, and even after a long hike through a snowy forest, I had no aching arches or tired toes to speak of.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed and kept repeatedly saying to no one in particular, "I can't believe it! I have never had boots that have kept my feet so warm and dry in my life, ever! I love these boots!" People kept giving me weird looks, but that's okay. When I really like something and it exceeds my expectations, I like to share with the world.

I have the pretty black pair you see above, but they also come in a rich brown and a gorgeous winter white. I'd suggest ordering a size larger because your toes will rub the tips otherwise. I normally wear an 8-8.5, but I got a 9 and they're perfect. Plus this way you can layer socks if need be. You can try them on at DSW, but they don't seem to carry them online in their store. However, I've given you an online site (Planet Shoes) with the cheapest prices and free shipping, too, so check 'em out. Enjoy!

(P.S. Zappos carries these shoes as well, albeit at a higher price, but they also offer a pretty taupe color.)


Amanda said...

Ooh I love those boots, I wonder if they'd ship to England?! Maegan said...

um those look like the comfiest boots ever!

Anonymous said...

Okay, those are beyond cute -- cuter than cute!