Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bitterly cold

Right now it's a balmy -2 degrees F, with the wind chills at -29 below here in Warrenville, and I feel like curling up in my robe and slippers and just hibernating. But I can't, since Pete and I have a wake to attend this afternoon, and Christmas shopping to do. But I think I prefer to just admire the sunny yet windy day through my front door, rather than actually go out into the elements. Brrr!

I'll be posting pix from last night's movie experience later this evening. My Internet is being slow and goofy, which is very frustrating when I'm trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. Maybe it's slow due to the icy weather?


Char said...

brrr, I can't even blood is too thin. stay safe and warm!

angel cake said...

love that second one! you would not believe how flippin cold it is in the city with the wind! i think i will blow away and crack into a million pieces!

i looked for tea cup and saucers for you in the city today. i could not find any. :(

it's the thought that counts, right?

please sir said...

BRRR!! My blood is too thin too, but I love looking at these photos!

Claire said...

ive been missing for a few days...sorry about that. it is so scorchingly hot where i am that i wish you could somehow post some snow this way...

can't wait for your christmas card.