Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The annual Christmas tree trip to White Pines and Sinissippi Forest

And, as promised, here are some pix from Sunday's family outing to White Pines State Park and Sinissippi Forest.

The day started out at the White Pines Inn Restaurant, where we enjoyed a buffet breakfast in the same room where our wedding reception took place.

Mani and ma in the room our wedding reception was in

My breakfast

Then we stepped across the way to look around in the gift shop and visit the parrot, Max. Henry was enchanted with him, so I bought him a little stuffed version of the bird.

Henry talking to the parrot

Max the parrot

Then we all drove to Sinnissippi Forest where we separated and hunted down our trees. Pete and I spied this humble little beauty and claimed it for our own.

Pete with his kill

Pete carrying the tree

Once we all secured our trees to our cars' roof racks, we headed into the gift/donut shop where we warmed up by the fire, listened to carolers, and saw Santa.

View of the shop

Ma after some exciting purchases

Sam chasing Henry

Henry and Santa (and the stuffed parrot)

Matt and Shannon

Me and Pete

Pete, Henry, the stuffed parrot, and dad

After sufficiently warming up, we all headed back to White Pines to go hiking on the Red Squirrel trail with the dogs.

The group starting out on the trail

A spooked Sam

The dog pack—Spanky, Adora, Hambone, and Otto—running and barking

Pete running into the woods to hide from the dogs (it didn't work)

Mani, Pete, Matt, and a distant Sam on the hike

Mani slowly disrobing for our enjoyment after the hike

Finally, we all stopped in at the restaurant's bar to have a drink in honor of our recently departed uncle, Chuck, who used to enjoy a drink with my mom while we all hiked during previous trips (both had difficulty walking the trails).

Mani and Shannon (sorry about the next few blurry pix)

Matt and dad

Henry eating some YoKids from Sam

The buffalo in the bar that Henry could not stop talking about (and was later terrified by)

The group (sans Mani and Henry, who went to the car), all rested and ready to head home

Well, there you have it. Pete and I have yet to put our tree up due to some late arrivals home during the last few days. But rest assured, we'll be doing that soon and I'll post the pix once it's up and decorated.

What kind of Christmas tree are you putting up this year? Real or fake? Big or small? And how are you decorating it?


Claire said...

such a special tradition. you and pete look gorgeous together all bundles up and warm : )

avant garde said...

what a great day with family and friends. my favorite picture is pete with his kill. very cute. henry too, so cute. :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

hahaha love the picture of Sam. she looks scared!

looks like a nice day, indeed!