Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"She should have been born as a boy!"

Today at lunch I was leaving the local Wendy's with Jen, and as we walked toward my car I accidentally splooshed into a huge puddle, sending water spraying all over the place (but luckily not on Jen). I yelled a "Sorry!" over my shoulder to her and turned around, only to see an older lady laughing and smiling at my wet boots.

"Look at her!" she laughed, obviously amused and delighted by my puddle splashing. "Look at her splashing around in that water! She should have been born as a boy!" And she laughed, tickled that a grown woman wearing furry boots with pom poms would be splashing around in puddles with not a second thought.

I was confused at first, but I was secretly pleased that the lady thought I was so carefree and whimsical. Actually, I would have splashed around in the puddles on purpose, except that Jen was behind me and I didn't want to soak her. But later on I stepped in a few nice, big puddles, just for good measure (before the rain turned to snow).

And why would I have to be a boy? My very girly but durable boots were certainly made for exploring the biggest and splashiest puddles out there, that's for sure!


...love Maegan said...

they are so cute ..as well as the story!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I am so jealous that you have snow!

Claire said...

when you write like this about yourself i realise why i feel such a strong connectivity with you.

kat said...

Ha ha, great! But you seem to love beautiful shoes too much to have ever been born a boy!