Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Thoughts—Day 2

My happy thought of the day? My beloved friend, carpooler, and all around good guy, my husband Pete.

He is one of the most happy-go-lucky people I know. He would laugh quite heartily if he read this now, because he would surely disagree, but I don't know anyone who is so good natured and just goes along with the flow most of the time. He's happy to dine on a big ol' bowl of canned chili and shredded cheese (which he's doing now and which I will suffer for in a few hours' time), and he's content just watching an endless string of history and military shows while snuggling with the dogs (and me), which he's also doing right now. He doesn't hesitate to comfort me when I'm feeling depressed about my stupid health, or make me laugh when I'm pissed and irritable. He puts up with my neverending obsession with shoes and all things fashion, and doesn't flinch when I get a bitchy or weepy on him. He is always fond of my quirky behavior and nature in general, partly because he's made of the same stuff I am. He's quick to forgive and loyal beyond words. I don't know anyone more likely to look beyond a person's appearance and see their true beauty. And he's just a very loving, fun, and nice guy to be around (and smart, too!). We have endless discussions about history, politics, science, and everything in between. And I know he'll make a wonderful father, just seeing how much he loves me and our animals (he's kissing Adora right now for the millionth time). He's always ready to help someone in need, and will devote entire weekends to aiding friends and family alike. I love him beyond words, take him for granted sometimes, but always pinch myself at night, wondering how I got so lucky finding someone like him who loves me so much, and passionately, too.

Here's to you, honey!


Char said...

so sweet!!! makes me all giddy to have someone to love like that

Claire said...

just keep on adoring him the way you do... your marriage is a witness.

Claire said...

oh and it is so good to see the happy thoughts series : )