Saturday, December 27, 2008

Littleput Books: a little bit of magic, squared

I simply adore the pretty little necklaces from Ryan's Littleput Books shop. Her soft and dreamy photographs are perfect "jewels," each set into a tiny little silver frame.

I just purchased this beautiful little necklace called "Plume in gold."

Ryan also makes gorgeous little handbound books featuring sweet songbirds and colorful flowers.

A closeup of one of her pretty necklaces called "Branches in Blue."

These accordion books are not only colorful and unique, but functional too. A great gift idea!

Another great photography creation are these photo blocks featuring themes, like sky, forest, and ocean.

And aren't these cute little tins so lovely?

A closeup of a necklace called "Unexpected Orange."

Gorgeous cherry blossoms on a handbound book.

"Moss," another dreamy photo necklace.

Ryan used to make these really cool Scrabble tile pendants (a few which I had purchased), but no longer carries them. However, she does show you how to make your own, which would be a fun craft project to do.

Her prices are very reasonable, and her photography is amazing. I have always been impressed by her work, and she has been a favorite Etsy seller of mine for ages.

I mean, how lovely is this pendant called "Cielo"? So pretty!

Be sure to check out her blog, All Things Littleput, where she is currently featuring a free giveaway to her Etsy shoppers. Hurry, the giveaway ends January 3rd!


Claire said...

these are beautiful whimsical finds Chris.

i have been thinking about you often over the past few days. i hope that your time away with family was blessed and quiet and restful.

Char said...

what beautiful finds! I really LOVE the cloud pendant and the cherry journal

Heidi said...

Wow, wow! These are beautiful!

shopPOPKO said...

i've always loved her shop and respect ryan as a mover and a shaker around etsy. shes an inspiration!