Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wardrobe change

I thought I'd change up the blog a bit to match the season. Since I'm a photography nut, the options are endless for different looks and styles. I wish I knew how to make a snowflake background to match the snow in my banner, but I'm an HTML moron. Anyone know how to edit such things, and change the background to include images/graphics, kind of like the graphic above?

Anyhow, Pete and I are off to do some more Christmas shopping (yes, Christmas). We have another party to go to tomorrow, so I have some more gifts to get. Pete wants to tag along and help me pick stuff out. And I'm sure we'll somehow end up swinging by DSW during our travels...


Char said...

that background is so pretty - I'm an html newb too and I can change the colors but that's about it.

hope you have successful shopping and fun at the parties.

Georgia B. said...

i don't know how to change it either, but i like the new banner and think it is festive enough without the background having snow!

will you go back to the pink banner in the spring? i loved that one. :(

either way, it's all looking great!

good to have you back in blogland. it's been so long! :)