Saturday, April 18, 2009

Working at Anthropologie

After heading home from Sam's yesterday, I happened to stop off at Anthropologie for a few odds and ends. My bird sugar bowl and butter dish are much beloved by me, and I have a sneaking feeling that they'll break someday and I won't have a backup. Plus, I wanted to see what was on sale and whether they had any cute creamers to go with my sugar bowl.

{My bird sugar bowl}

Of course, I was like a kid in a candy store. My mouth hung open as I looked around at all the pretty, colorful, and interesting things. I smelled all the lovely perfumes, touched all the beautiful linens, and drooled over the awesome clothes. A super nice saleslady noticed my bag had huge holes in it and that my little butter dish was about to go tumbling out. She rushed over with a new bag and helped me transfer my stuff, which was sweet, and well timed, because I was oblivious to what was about to happen. Everyone else working there was so nice and friendly but laid back, and not obnoxious like salespeople tend to be.

{My butter dish}

Anyhow, I noticed they were hiring part time workers, so I asked for an application. I figured it couldn't hurt. I want to grow my freelance business, and I'm not having any luck with finding a full-time job. My plan is to work a part-time job or two and get the freelance work crankin', and transition into the freelance work full time, once it gets going. Until then, I might as well work somewhere that makes me happy, right? And what better place than Anthropologie. Plus, it's at Oakbrook, which is a lovely mall and not too far from where I live.

{My mouse doorstop, which seems to have mysteriously disappeared in our house}

I'm thinking of filling the application out and turning it in this weekend. I just need to talk to Pete about it, and he's hanging with his buddies right now, so that'll have to wait til morning.


Char said...

I think it's a wonderful idea....I would love to work there.

Gnightgirl said...

I just happened across your blog from Cabbage Babbles, and was suprised to see that little mouse doorstop. I took a similar pic of the same sculpture, on a memorial stone, a few years ago. I thought it was one of a kind, I guess not!