Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Tele-Serve Tuesday

With all the cleaning and decorating going on, and the pretty weather to distract me, I tend to forget that I'm unemployed at the moment. Until Tele-Serve Tuesdays, that is. Those are the days, every two weeks, when I have to call in to IDES and claim unemployment. I get nervous every time and I always second guess my answers. (Did I press "1" for yes or "3" for no? And why 1 and 3? Why not 1 and 2?) I worry that I have inadvertently given the wrong information and have shot to hell my unemployment claim. I've already had trouble setting up direct deposit, and never got my first Statement of Certification letter from IDES (it's floating around somewhere out there).

So the flurry of decorating posts and jokes about the pets are all in good fun, and I'm really totally excited to be working on my house. But if you look under the surface, you'll see a woman who's trying to avoid thinking about her current reality.


avant garde said...

so many of us have experienced, unfortunately, the land of unemployment and you know what's even more true...i feel as if so many of us are steps away from it as we speak. i'm running a business that is on life support and trying to stay afloat, as i'm sure so many others are too. yikes. keep blogging though, keep creating, you are so talented and it can only be a terrific outlet for you with all of the "other" stuff going on. i love how honest you always are. it's refreshing. deep breath, call in your unemployment and keep creating...it will all come together. :)

Char said...

I'm so with you - I have to do mine weekly on the computer and I re-read my answers about 3 times before I press send. EEK

keep on keeping on hon...it's all we can do, right?

Katie said...

I've been putting my IDES call date reminder on my calendar in the kitchen. In nice bright red ink with the phone number so that every other Monday I won't forget. That said, I almost forgot last week - it was about 1:30, and I happened to glance at the calendar on my way out of the kitchen. And strangely, I got through on the first try, which is unheard of these days!!

I'm working on getting back into cleaning mode after a couple of weeks of being down in the dumps. And I've borrowed a bike pump from my mom so that I can ride my bike. So, if nothing else, I'll end up with a clean apartment and hopefully lose some more weight! I just wish I knew when I'd get a new job so that I could better enjoy all this time off I've had!

Hang in there, Chris! :-)