Friday, April 17, 2009

Cake molds as decoration

I have a bunch of beautiful decorative cake molds I've been collecting over the years, and I'd love to do something like this in my kitchen (as soon as we're ready to decorate in there). Pete loves the idea and has some methods planned for hanging the molds on the wall (not all of them have holes in the center).

I love this look, except mine would be in a line around the upper areas of my kitchen walls, above cabinets and such. And mine are all pretty silvery-pewter colors, although I think I may have a red mold or two.

Very hip yet cottage-y looking, I think. And our kitchen will look extra cool with our Magic Chef 1000 stove, Milicent, faithfully baking away in the corner.

Ah, if we could only be done with renovations, so that I can decorate to my heart's content.


Char said...

that's your stove????? I love it. I think the cake molds will be very charming.

Claire said...

awesome idea!

Chris said...

Yeah, that's my stove :) You can see why I'm DYING to finish my kitchen so I can hook that baby up!