Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cool finds at the antique mall

Sam and I had a great time at the antique mall yesterday. We had lunch at the Corner Bakery, then went to the mall where I found lots of neat things. Then we stopped over at Trader Joe's where I bought some gorgeous peach blossoms (only $7.99!). And we topped it all off with some coffee at Caribou Coffee.

Okay, so this is what I got:

I scored these red wooden folding chairs, which are perfect for extra seating in a pinch, and which Max seems to like. (The chairs are next to my daybed, for which I'm FINALLY getting a mattress tomorrow when Matt comes over.)

I also found these pretty (and inexpensive) vintage tea cups to add to my growing collection.

This old Kenmore fan/heater still works, and looks really cool too.

Finally, I found this awesome telephone table and chair. The chair is attached to the table, and swings out for a handy little seat if you want to have a long conversation. When folded up, it makes a nice little side table.

Now I just gotta get a cool telephone to go on the table. Or in it—there's a neat little storage area that's revealed when the chair is swung away from the table. Love it!

And displayed on my table are those dainty peach blossoms, which I arranged in the gorgeous vase given to us for our bridal shower. I will absolutely be going back to TJ's for more blossoms, once these die out. They are so pretty!

I'm so pleased with my finds, and Pete isn't grumpy about me buying lots of crap to fill the house. And the prices were wonderful. There's a sidewalk sale on Saturday, June 6th, which I most certainly will be attending.


Char said...

I wish the stores here had cool flowers or stems like this. I get stuck with perpetually cute like daisies and tulips. LOVE the table and the cups. The folding chairs are great too. Sounds like the perfect day.

Claire said...

This excites me. Your finds are beautiful. Calvin and I are house hunting at the moment. It is so much fun.Yesterday during my lunch break, I drew a house plan and decided what furniture I would be putting where and how I wanted to arrange it and what new items I would need to get. Wish we could scout around an antiques mall together.