Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pretty pillow alert!

If you're addicted to buying pretty pillows (like me), don't read this.

I was reading the archives of one of my most favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day, and saw a post about these fabulous pillows from Joom. I am so hooked. I want one so badly it hurts. And if I were a normal person, I'd justify buying a pillow and call it a day. Oh, but I'm not. I have a pillow addiction, and one—or twenty one—is never enough for me. So I must really sit back and decide if I really want one (duh!) and which ONE I want (not which five). And then of course, where to put it.

Decisions, decisions.


Char said...

they are gorgeous

drollgirl said...

these are just beautiful. i always tell myself to make the pillows at home, but it never happens. at least not yet, even tho fabric and stuffing sits quietly in the closet. oy.