Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dollie on drums

Pete's friend Jeff left his drum kit out in the dining room on Friday night (we usually store it in our weird little storage room). Dollie couldn't help herself and climbed on top, sniffing and accidentally clanging the cymbals. Max preferred to keep his distance, although he did seem intrigued.

Funny thing is, Jeff HATES cats, so Pete snapped some pix to show Jeff. At work on Monday, Pete said, "Hey man, we had a new drummer stand in for you the other day. Dude, this cat is pretty good, he's really got talent." Jeff didn't fall for it, and when Pete revealed the pictures, giggling like a madman, Jeff took it like a good sport.


Char said...

she has the perfect stage name already! :) too cute

Georgia B. said...

oh my gosh! so stinkin' cute.

Dollie on drums—sounds like a band name. :)

Alyssa said...

that is hilarious:) nice shots!

Claire said...

love g's idea!

she is gorgeous!