Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Target storage ottoman vs. Crate and Barrel ottoman

I finally found a leather(ette) storage ottoman for Pete's music room. I had seen this one at Target for $79, but hesitated, thinking I'd find something cheaper.

Anyhow, I ended up getting this Crate & Barrel ottoman at the C & B Outlet for a steal. It was originally $149 and marked down to $59, listed as "worn" on the sale tag, but I can't find any wear. But, I don't think it's quite what Pete had in mind.

So when I saw the Target ottoman on sale for $59, I snatched one up.

And look, it's got storage for Pete's music books!

The C & B ottoman can go in our living room for extra seating, for which we are always lacking. And we live in a shoebox, so small and portable is good.

I would love to buy an actual nice, leather ottoman, but a) they're too much money for us to spend right now, and b) it would be mauled and nicked and stained from all our animals and visitors. A friend of mine once said he spends extra money on quality things, so that they last a long time and don't look crappy. But I have trouble spending money on nice furniture because it all gets so beat up in this house. If it's something I can literally lock away, like my china and vintage tea cup collection, then fine, I'll spend some extra cash. But I don't want to have a house of museum-quality furniture that I'm still paying for long after it's beat to death.


Char said...

I've found having the pets over the years that quality furniture doesn't last any better than cheaper furniture and then you're angry because you spent so much. I think you made some good choices there. Spend more on the stuff that doesn't have fabrics like tables and beds and cut corners on sofas and the like, because you know you love your pets.

Claire said...

A home needs to be a home, not a house and if buying cheaper furniture allows for this, then it is the wisest choice.

Ross said...

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