Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend guests

Izzy and her friend Abby stayed overnight on Saturday and into the day on Sunday. They are the first official guests we've had in our house since the spare bedroom has been semi-finished. Matt has been here before, but that was to either house-sit or to just crash on the couch. It was kinda weird but cool to cook for them, give them blankets and linens, and entertain them. Hopefully we'll have more people staying over in the future.

Dollie decided it was her duty to be the official guest companion, and made herself a little bed in a basket tray table designed for drinks, not cats. (It was a cheapy Ikea plastic neon green tray table, but I swapped out the tray for a white basket I happened to have.) Dollie seemed to be in heaven, having the girls fawn all over her, tuck her in at night, and feed her scraps.

Glad to know our guests will never lack for (annoying) company.


Georgia B. said...

i'm so glad you are getting your home set up the way you have been wanting to for so long and have the time to do it!

i love the basket next to the bed. looks like a cozy little bed and breakfast. when can i come by? :)

Char said...

have you ever read the stories about the B&B in New England that you got to pick out your cat when you checked in? and the cat stayed in the room with you? seems cozy and warm....I would love it.

Alyssa said...

Ahhhh - I dream of getting our guest room finished. Nice work:)

Chris said...

Anytime, Georgia! It's so nice to have people over, especially people who don't look disturbed by the house they're walking into, lol.

That's hilarious, Char, I've never heard of that. It's a great idea for this house except you wouldn't have a choice. It'd be Dollie or...Dollie :)

Thanks, Alyssa :)