Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Add a little sparkle—or a lot

A little as in this Galaxy Wall Mirror from Target. I am in love with this thing and I always stop by to lovingly caress and admire it when I'm in the store, like I was today. The price is reasonable and it's soooo cool. I should just get it over with and buy it. I know I'll cherish it because I still adore the sunburst-like convex mirror I bought from Target a few years ago. (Izzy took this self portrait of herself in it with my iPhone.)

But then I see this online:

And I'm torn as to whether I should buy the petite model or go all out for the huge one. I can just imagine the big one in the spare room, right over the daybed, reflecting all the glorious sunset hues in the afternoon. It would be stunning and so lovely. And there's free shipping available.

I think I've already answered my question.


Georgia B. said...

ooh, yes! go with the thrid from target!

Char said...

oh...I remember having something similar to this when I was a child - I loved it then...I need to buy one now. I hope you go for it because I love it.