Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trapped in the spare room

Certain cats like to frolic inside/underneath the dining room floor when Pete is working on it and has his back turned, so these particular cats had to be properly contained. You'd think they were being sent to prison or something, the way they were looking so confused and hurt.

Sorry about the icky windows, I'm in the middle of renovations and cleaning and job hunting, and I have yet to shine them.


drollgirl said...

bahahha!! this looks exactly like cats (except mine are supersized) when they are locked out of the kitchen. they lose their minds.

Georgia B. said...

so cute.

i didn't think the windows looked icky at all. it looks like a vintage door—with character. it's part of what makes that picture so cute.

Char said...

LOL love the POV on these cuties. the cats want to be up in the business unless you want them up in the business....and then they can't be bothered.